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Are Pinhole Leaks Covered?

Are Pinhole Leaks Covered By Home Insurance?

Pinhole leaks are absolutely, definitely, MAYBE covered.
Will an insurance company cover the cost of re-plumbing your house so the pinhole leaks stop? No. Replumbing costs are your responsibility.
Will your rates go up if you file a water claim? Almost definitely.
What will likely be covered by my home insurance policy? The parts of the home damaged by the water that came out of the pinhole leak. For instance, drywall, flooring and cabinets.
What is the most common reason these claims may not be covered? If the leak has been ongoing for weeks, months, or years, most home insurance policies will not cover the damage.
Is it worth filing the claim? You’ll need to weigh out your deductible, the total cost of the claim, and what the impact will be to your home insurance policy’s rate. I suggest always calling your agent prior to filing a claim.
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