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E-Bikes and E-Scooters: You’re Probably Not Covered

  Transcript: Why hello there, I’m David Harriman, home and auto insurance broker extraordinaire, insuring people from Whitefish, MT, to Lone Tree, CO!  Oh how I wish I were a normal person.  Then, during summer, when I watch everyone riding around on their cool new e-bikes (electric bikes) or those

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Insurance for Short-Term Rentals Airbnb VRBO

What should I do with my home insurance for my vacation rental? If you hate reading, here’s the answer: Call your insurance agent and tell him exactly what you use your house for.  Trying to “squeeze things by” will only hurt you, not the insurance company.  Want to see if

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How to Insure an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

Do you have a guest house or ADU/Accessory Dwelling Unit?  How you use it determines how you need to insure it.  In this short video, I’ll briefly cover the main points to consider.  Have more questions?  Call us!  If you’re in Lone Tree, Colorado, call 303-532-3000.  If you’re in Whitefish,

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Which Home Insurance Deductible is Best?

In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of higher and lower deductibles for your home insurance.  If you’re in Whitefish, MT or Lone Tree, CO, we would love to see what we can do to help you!  Feel free to schedule a call with us!  SCHEDULE A CALL

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Homeowners Insurance for Homebuyers In Whitefish

So, you’re in escrow on your dream home in Whitefish, MT?  Congratulations!  The only thing more exciting than closing-day will be shopping for home insurance!  Me, sarcastic?  Never. People tend to think of home insurance as a commodity.  I cannot stress this enough: HOME INSURANCE IS NOT ALL THE SAME! 

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The Number One Mistake Drivers Make on Coverage

Stop Prioritizing Financial Inconvenience.  Prioritize Financial Ruin. The most common mistake consumers make when buying auto insurance is focusing on insuring against potential financial inconvenience, rather than insuring against potential financial ruin. It’s an easy fix, and it’s not that expensive. Bottom line: if you have assets, even if you’re

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