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How Auto Insurance Works When You’re Borrowing a Friend’s Car


Hey I’m Dave Harriman home and auto insurance broker extraordinaire, insuring drivers from Whitefish, MT, to Lone Tree, CO!

A Lone Tree client recently asked “what happens when I borrow a friend’s car?” I don’t know about you, but I like to see how much air I can get when I go across an intersection. But if your question was more related to auto insurance, I can help you with that too. **disclaimer: all insurance policies are going to have a little bit different verbiage, so check with your agent, read your insurance policy, yada yada yada.** Generally speaking, insurance is going to follow the vehicle first, the driver second. So if you were to crash your friend’s car, even if the accident was your fault, your friend’s insurance is what’s going to kick in and handle that claim.

Now then your question’s going to be, “what’s going to happen to their insurance rate?” And the answer is, probably nothing. That accident is still going to get tied to you as the driver, and should not impact your friend’s auto insurance, even though their insurance company is the one that paid the claim. More questions? Give me a call thanks.

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