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What is full coverage auto insurance?

What the heck is with “full coverage” being an accepted term in the auto insurance industry? I have news for you:

There’s absolutely no such thing as full coverage.

What do you think of when you’re told you have full coverage? It would be reasonable for you to think you have a policy that covers everything. That’s totally fair, and I don’t blame you at all. What’s crazy is that full coverage means almost nothing. All it means is that if your car is damaged, your insurance policy will pay to repair the damage to your car, less your deductible. It doesn’t mean your policy will pay any of your medical expenses, time out of work, the cost to rent a car while you’re waiting for your car to get out of the shop, or that it will pay for all of the damages or injuries that you cause somebody else. It’s very possible that, even with full coverage, you could get into an accident and still have to sell everything you own to pay for someone else’s injuries.

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