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Why Snowmobile Insurance Actually Matters

Odds are good that when you think about snowmobile insurance, you only really think about damage to, or loss of, YOUR snowmobile.  If you have a pretty crappy snowmobile that you ride a few times per year, you may be willing to risk the relatively small chance of having it stolen or losing it in a fire.  Odds are good that you can financially recover from this, and your choice to run that risk seems prudent.  But you’re failing to consider the biggest risk: liability.

Though you can confidently recover from the financial loss of having a snowmobile stolen or lost in a fire, can the same be said about your ability to recover from an injury you cause another party?  What about an injury you sustain because of another rider?

The most important part of a snowmobile policy isn’t the coverage for damage to your snowmobile.  It’s the liability coverage for the damage you cause other riders, and/or the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that covers injuries to you or your riders if they’re injured by another rider’s snowmobile.

If you’re fresh out of high school or college and have nothing to lose, the stakes are low, and liability isn’t as important.  If you have a good income, equity in your home, or money in the bank, liability is the most important kind of insurance for your snowmobile.  It’s what protects you from having to liquidate everything you own so you can pay for injuries you accidentally caused another rider while you were both out having a great time.

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